Furniture Care

    • Do not expose furniture to strong sunlight, extreme changes in temperature or moisture as it may cause fading of color or damage to the unit.


    • Leave a 6” gap between furniture and baseboard heating or air conditioning sources. This helps to prevent overheating, drying out or discoloration.


    • Dust furniture with a lint-free cloth.


    • Clean furniture with a clean, damp cotton cloth or rag. Commercial furniture polish can lead to waxy build up and does not let the furniture breathe. Follow the grain of the wood.


    • Wipe up spills immediately as long term exposure of some liquids may cause discoloring of the finish.


    • If placing an item with rubber feet (such as a radio, CD player, TV, etc.) be sure to place a felt liner underneath. Do not use plastic as it may create a moisture pocket.


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